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In consideration of the Editorial Board of the Health and New Media Research reviewing, editing and publishing.

I/we hereby transfer, assign and otherwise convey to the Health and New Media Research Institute upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication by the Health and New Media Research reviewing all copyright. I/we have all rights except copyright. I/we can use part or all of the contents of the manuscript under written agreement of the Health and New Media Research Institute. In case that I/we use materials from the manuscript I/we will clarify the reference.

I/we certify that the contents of the manuscript, in all or in part, has not been published and is not being considered for publication elsewhere, unless otherwise specified herein. I certify that I have made a substantial contribution to the medical/scientific/intellectual content of the manuscript and on that basis agree to be named as an author. I approve the manuscript for publication and will take public responsibility for its content.

Each of the undersigned is an author of the manuscript and all authors are named on this document.

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